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Stainless can be attracted by magnet?

Food processing factories require stainless steel for almost all production lines, so the metal contaminants are changing to
stainless materials. Nonmagnetic austenite family, SUS304 or 316L can be attracted by magnet if shock (cutting, shredding,
twisting, grinding, pressing, buffing and polishing), welding and rubbing are applied. Deformation will cause magnetic attraction.


Incredible 15,000 Gauss Bar Magnet

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Easy installation requires limited area such as production flow exit or transition area to remove contaminants.


1. Durable stainless pipe usable even in water.
2. Guarantee of 15,000 gauss on pipe surface.
3. Custom made of pipe length in 1mm increments.
4. Inspection certificate with magnetic force for HACCP or ISO purpose upon request.
5. Ion nitriding, tungsten thermal spray, Teflon coating on pipe surface options available.
6. Eyebolt and grip options available.


1. Wide selection from Ultra high magnetic force(15,000, 14,000), High magnetic force(12,000), Standard(10,000), Heat resistance(10,000), Ferrite(φ25、φ32).
2. Pipe Material: SUS304, SUS316L, Titanium
3. Tap end and thread fabrication can be arranged. Standard tap M6, M8(depth 12mm).
※Custom design can be arranged. ※non-standard tap is also possible .


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