History Record

April 1943 Established Haramaki Iron Woks by Taro Haramaki .
September 1944 Manufacturing Noodle Making machines .
April 1947 Started manufacturing of Magnet Product & sales.
April 1972 The company reorganized itself as Haramaki Machinery Manufacturing Co.,.
July 1983 Company name changed to Nippon Magnetics,Inc. and Magnet Dept was independent from Haramaki Machinery.Keiji Haramaki took over company as president.
December 1987 Establishment of U.S. subsidiary in Los Angeles NIPPON MAGNETICS USA, INC. with the capital of $ 50,000. Keiji Haramaki was appointed to the CEO of the company.
September 1990 Company’s manufacturing sector becomes an independent corporation, Magnet Manufacturing Company.
November 1992 Bullt a new factory and moved in current location from Chikushino-city.
August 2001 Established a new corporation, the Nippon Magnetics, Inc., by integrating Nippon Magnetics, Inc. (sales division) and the Magnet Manufacturing Company (manufacturing division).
December 2005 Founded second factory.
December 2010 Founded third factory.