Separating one thing from another.

Around 1943

Materials and manufacturing processes have become more complex and our lives are overloaded with various kinds of products.
The process of separation and discharge are becoming more complex as products and waste are increasingly diversified.
Nippon Magnetics Inc. is meeting new challenges of the society and creating innovative magnetic applied products by utilizing our expertise, and separate “what we need” from “what we discard”.

Deliver Something Small and Bring a Great Joy to Our Customer

Our company was founded in 1943 as Haramaki Iron Works.
Later, the magnetic sector of the former Haramaki Machine Works was separated from the orignal company and Nippon Magnetics was established in 1983.
Since then, we have been involved in research and development over 20 years, and have developed and manufactured permanent magnet and applied electromagnetic devices that isolate iron powder and aluminum.

Our founding principles are “deliver something small to bring a great joy to our customers”, and food, powder, and recycling are the three pillars of our work.
To meet the diverse needs of our customers in various industries, we utilize our professional skills in “screening process” to challenge all possibilities.
Our company was previously only capable of separating iron and aluminum. However, we are currently capable of developing more sophisticated screening by utilizing static and eddy current.
For example, we are able to separate aluminum and other materials from crushed car parts, and development of such techniques were actualized through the cooperation and suggestions from our customers.
“Protection of environment” is the top priority in conducting our business, and our work begins from where we live and further broaden our perspective in the global arena.
We strive to walk into new fields hand in hand with our customers. From solid materials to particle, from millimeters to microns, and even inside the world of nanotechnology– we would like to support our customers by providing a magnet applied technology and fine-tuned services that are tailored to the needs of individual customers.

Nippon Magnetics, Inc. President and CEO
Keiji Haramaki